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Eye Strain

Understanding and Alleviating Eye Strain or Digital Eye Strain

If you find yourself experiencing eye fatigue, discomfort when viewing screens, sensitivity to light, or persistent headaches, you might be grappling with the common yet often overlooked issue of eye strain.

If you’re familiar with sensations like persistent eye fatigue, discomfort when viewing screens, heightened sensitivity to light and glare, occasional blurred or double vision, difficulty focusing, dry and irritated eyes, headaches, or even neck, shoulder, and back pain, you might be grappling with this prevalent issue.

Digital Eye Strain, or computer vision syndrome, occurs after spending extended periods in front of digital devices, affecting individuals of all ages in this digital age.


Why might I have eye strain?

Digital Eye Strain is primarily caused by the prevalent habit of spending over 6 hours a day staring at screens. This prolonged exposure forces our eyes to focus at a close to mid-range fixed distance, putting considerable strain on our eye muscles. The constant engagement of these muscles, designed for longer distances, results in decreased blinking rates, hampering tear production and leading to irritation.

Additionally, small and unclear fonts, screen glare, and exposure to blue light contribute to the strain. The unique ultra-near reading zone introduced by smartphones further exacerbates this issue, compelling our eyes to work harder and causing fatigue in the eye muscles.

Regular eye check-ups, adopting the 20-20-20 rule, and utilising appropriate digital vision eyewear are crucial steps to prevent and alleviate digital eye strain.


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