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1 in 4 children have a vision problem.

In South Australia, only 10% of children receive an annual eye exam. However, it’s crucial to note that 80% of learning is visual. Hence, early detection and treatment of visual impairments are essential for providing children with the best possible start in their educational journey. Teachers play a pivotal role in this process as they are often the first to notice visual difficulties among their students in the classroom.

These difficulties may manifest as evident signs like frequent eye rubbing, letter reversals, orientation confusion, irregular writing spacing, reading delays, and learning difficulties.


of children face vision problems


of what children learn at school is presented visually


of children who experience vision problems go undiagnosed

Our Comprehensive Schools Program provides

  • In School Vision testing at no gap to students or schools
  • Parent Information Talks
  • Staff Training
  • Staff Resources

To register your school’s interest, or for more information on our program, please email

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Download Vision Quiz for Younger StudentsDownload Vision Quiz for Older Students

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