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Myopia Control

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Myopia control involves different approaches to slow down or prevent the worsening of nearsightedness. The aim is to manage the growth of the eyeball. Special contact lenses, prescription glasses, and specific medications may be used to help control myopia, especially in children and teens. The goal is to reduce the chances of severe nearsightedness and lower the risk of related eye problems, ensuring better long-term eye health. It’s important to review twice a year, to ensure you are in the most effective treatment.

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Our Myopia Control Options

Specialty Glasses Lenses

These lenses are carefully chosen from our complete portfolio to maximise efficacy. Our lenses average a 60% reduction in research, and our results are often more dramatic.


These specialty contact lenses reshape the front of your eye while you sleep, leaving you free from glasses or contact lenses in the day. Read more about Orthok

Contact Lenses

Myopia Control Contact lenses are an effective and popular solution, especially for teenagers.

Red Light Therapy

Exclusive to Vision Centre, this non-invasive treatment uses low-level red light mitigates the progression of myopia.


Atropine eyedrops, in low dosages, have demonstrated efficacy in reducing myopia progression.

Progressive lenses

These lenses help eyes function well at distance and near, and have extra help up close to reduce fatigue and effort associated with prolonged near work and digital devices.


Similar to progressive lenses, these lenses help eyes function well at distance and near together. They have a line between the two zones, and are used for young children.

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Vision Centre are always on top of the latest developments. We source solutions worldwide to have the best individual solution for your eyes.

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