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Vision Centre Optometrists LynnMall

Vision Centre optometrists LynnMall has swiftly become the premier destination for Fabulous Eyewear in the region. Our collection showcases globally renowned fashion icons like Dior, Celine, Fendi, Tom Ford & Prada, complemented by optical brands such as Prodesign, FaceAFace, and Barton Perreira. Our comprehensive services encompass Annual Eye Examinations, Myopia Control, Preventative Eye Care, OrthoK, Visual Processing Assessment, Diabetic Eye Clinic, Children’s Vision Testing, Teen Vision Testing, and Behavioural Optometry.

W513/3058 Great North Road
New Lynn 0600

T: (09) 827 5871

Opening Hours
Monday: 9-6
Tuesday: 9-6
Wednesday: 9-6
Thursday: 9-9
Friday: 9-6
Saturday: 9-6
Sunday: 9-6

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At Vision Centre Lynn Mall

At Vision Centre optometrists Lynnmall, we believe in the importance of thorough and personalised eye care. Our comprehensive eye exam is a meticulous process, typically lasting up to 40 minutes.

It encompasses a holistic assessment, focusing not only on your vision but also on the health of your eyes. During this exam, our fully qualified registered Optometrist guides you through a series of key steps designed to ensure your visual well-being. We begin with a discussion about your family’s eye history and general health, followed by an exploration of how you use your eyes in various aspects of your life, be it work, home, or leisure activities.

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