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Terms and Conditions:

1 pair single vision, multifocal or bifocal ~pay no gap :

Purchase one pair of complete glasses – frames and lenses, including distance, computer, near, multifocal, bifocals, or office lenses for no gap. Selected frame range included. Frame and lens upgrades available.  Subject to health fund eligibility, fund limits, and rules.  Ask our friendly staff for details.

2 pairs from $199 ~ pay no gap :

Choose any two pairs from our Style Edit range and your single vision standard clear lenses are included. Offer is exclusively available for health fund members. Members must present health fund card to redeem offer. The discount cannot be combined with any other offer, discount voucher or discount. Discount cannot be applied to lenses to own frame. Health fund benefits are subject to health fund health fund policies, waiting periods, annual limits and level of cover.

25% off limited time offer, ends 31st of March.

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